Other services

Stash for cash.

Quite simply, unbuilt plastic model kits. Part-started models we will take away, but have no value. Box condition is not a problem, but we do insist that models are complete, with both decals and plans. We also buy decals, resin and brass sets as well. If it involves plastic modelling, we're interested! Scale is unimportant, but effects valuation. Larger scale kits have a greater value than smaller scales, for example, 100 1/72 scale kits would not be valued as high as 100 1/48 scale kits. The manufacturer of the kit is also important, even non-modellers know what an Airx kit is. Whether the kits are of aircraft, armour, ships, sci-subjects or a mixture, does not matter. Remember, manufacturer and completeness are the main factors, so the price will reflect this.

What are kits worth?

This is probably the hardest question to answer. We judge each kit on it's merits, it's rarity is not a factor as many so called rare kits have been superceeded by more modern releases. We aim to pay a higher price than other dealers or collectors, though like them, have to factor in such details as collection costs, checking the kits are complete and such like.

Re-cycling of built models

Although these have no monetery value we can find them a new home if you want to move them on. These models are donated to local clubs to use as raffel prices, any money raised buy the local club goes to local charaties.

What do I need to do?

Drop us an email and we will guide you from there.

If you would rather, just give us a ring after 7:00PM.

email us or call 0782 8814579