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BT-K The Original Airfix Spitfire

Back in 1955 a small event occurred that would have enormous far reaching consequences, the plastic moulding firm added an aircraft to its' small but growing line of self assembly polystyrene plastic models. This was the approximately Spitfire1/72nd scale 'Spitfire'. Research over the years has shown that this was an allowed if not approved scaled down reproduction of the 1954 release Aurora Plastics Spitfire in roughly 1/48th scale. This model although having many inconsistencies and inaccuracies was the first readily available aircraft model in the now standard scale of 1/72. The model size suited the plastic moulding machines used by Airfix at the time, and the scale was also the same as that used for the standard aircraft recognition models produced in World War Two.

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HobbyMaster Bedford QL Refueller

For those who like to display their built models in scenic settings and dioramas it is essential that they have access to decent 'extras'. Be that buildings, or equipment, or more importantly decent support vehicles. This model is one that most definitely fits in that category.
RefuellerProduced by HobbyMaster in Hong Kong and supplied via Tiger Hobbies in the U.K. this model is basically an unbuilt diecast. There is a white metal chassis and cab, with injection moulded plastic bowser parts, cab interior and wheels, along with a clear insert and rubber/vinyl tyres. The kit contains around twenty five parts, of which some are surplus.

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