Welcome to Kitrescue


Kitrescue was established in 2009 to provide people with an alternative to sending old and unwanted kits into landfill.

What we do?

Kit Rescue was originally started after discussions with friends in the modelling community to provide a means for surviving spouses or partners to dispose of the unwanted kit collections left behind after the death of their loved one. Over the last few years, many well known modellers have gone to the great model room in the sky and a few of us came up with the idea of providing a living will for modellers to leave with their collection.

In most cases, modeller's spouses or partners, have little or no interest in the hobby. Having heard stories of thousands of kits being dumped in a skip or the dustbin, we reckoned it was high time an alternative was provided. Thus was born KIT RESCUE.
Of course, there was no point in buying all these sometimes huge collections just to store them, so it was decided that a recycling service was also needed, to get these kits back into circulation and hopefully built as well. Models are 'recycled' either by taking them to model shows around the country for sale at that show, or advertising on e-bay.

What happens next?

Drop us an email with a list of what you have for sale and we will guide you from there.

If you would rather, just give us a ring after 7:00PM.

email us or call 0782 8814579